Truck Camper

Pros and Cons



  • You can carry your RV and pull your boat (or other trailer) at the same time while still having your get around vehicle at your destination – all with only one drive train.

  • You can prop it on its own in an RV space and use your truck as a regular vehicle.

  • Very few restrictions on where and when you can travel.

  • You get to see more of the world.

  • They tend to handle terrain that is not level better than bigger RVs.

  • They're easy to drive and there is very little adapting from a regular passenger vehicle.

  • They're easy to park in regular parking spaces.

  • In an unexpected or urgent situation, you can be much more mobile in a wider range of situations than other RV types.

Small RV Benefits:

  • They weigh less than the larger RVs, but with the same self-sustained appliances and equipment.

  • Their height is more accommodating than larger RVs for a lot of scenic areas, like the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Natchez-Trace Parkway.

  • Having a lower profile roof allows them to fit into RV spaces where tree branches would damage a taller 5th wheel or Class A.

  • The interior is a much smaller space than larger RVs, making them cheaper and easier to heat and cool.


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  • If you don't have the type that opens into your truck's rear window, unlike with a Class B your living space and driving space don't share heat and AC. Your living space feels as hot or cold as the outside temperature when you arrive at your camping spot. And your driving area feels as hot or cold as the outside temperature when you're ready to travel again.


Small RV Issues:

  • To fit all the RV capabilities into such a small space, almost all of your components will be less accommodating than larger RVs. Water tanks and dump tanks are likely to be small and not last very many days of being off grid. The onboard propane tanks are usually much smaller than other RVs, resulting in more frequent need for filling them. The refrigerators are smaller. Fewer and smaller stove top burners. Often there is no oven at all.

  • Limited storage space.

  • Spending much time at all inside, for inclement weather or any other reason, can become very uncomfortable very quickly.

  • Socially, there are some people out there who will treat you like you're not quite as prestigious as the people in bigger RVs. Who cares! But it is an attitude you might run into.

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