Travel Trailer

Pros and Cons

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  • As for cost, travel trailers are where you get the most bang for your buck.

  • There are more choices for tow vehicles that can carry more passengers than a 5th wheel.

  • They leave your truck bed available to haul bikes, kayaks, a golf cart, etc.

  • They tend to handle terrain that is not level better than a 5th wheel.

  • They can be towed with a smaller truck motor than most 5th wheels, resulting in better fuel mileage.


Small RV Benefits:

  • They tend to weigh less than a 5th Wheel, Class A or Class C.

  • Many of them can be towed by a 1500/150 truck or SUV that you might already own.

  • The height tends to be more accommodating than 5th wheels or large Motorhomes for a lot of scenic areas, like the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Natchez-Trace Parkway.

  • Having a lower profile roof allows travel trailers to fit into RV spaces where tree branches would damage a taller 5th wheel or Class A.

  • The interior is typically a smaller space than a 5th wheel or Class A, making them cheaper and easier to heat and cool.


Trailer-type Benefits:

  • With a towed RV, you can use your tow vehicle for adventures while at your locations without having an additional engine, transmission, etc.

  • If you need mechanical work done, you don't have to stay in a hotel or sit in a waiting room while the shop has your RV.

  • Trailer floor plans make more efficient use of the front interior space than motorhomes.



  • Having the pivot point (hitch) several feet behind the rear axle results in a cantilevered exaggeration of any sideways movements of your truck or trailer working against each other – bigger danger of trailer sway. They have the most sway of any RV type.

  • There is more bucking while driving than a 5th wheel, resulting in a rougher ride in the truck.

  • They are harder to reverse than a 5th wheel and need a wider turning radius.

  • Your overall length including your truck is longer than a 5th wheel with the same length of living space.

  • Lower ceilings result in a more cramped feeling inside.

  • Limited storage space.

  • When an RV is stolen, the odds of it being a travel trailer are higher than other RV types.

  • Socially, there are some people out there who will treat you like you're not quite as prestigious as the Class A and 5th wheel people. Who cares! But it is out there.


Trailer-type Issues:

  • If you travel a lot, a trailer can mean a lot of hitching and unhitching. This is particularly problematic if you have any physical limitations.

  • Your choice of “get around vehicle” is limited to a vehicle big enough to tow your trailer. (Or you have the cost and inconvenience of driving two vehicles on your travels.)