Current Lithium Battery Highlights

The technology is progressing fast. We'll do our best to keep the highlights here up to date so you will always have a reference for your best options at any given time. Battleborn led the industry for a long time, but at this point they have some catching up to do.


Lion is making batteries that are smaller in size and performing better than the already high standards we've become accustomed to from the top manufacturers. To get your discount on these powerful high quality batteries showcased by Jared at All About RV's and Ray at Love Your RV, Click Here

SOK batteries are raising the bar in terms of delivering quality lithium battery value for your dollar. To get your discount on the 100 amp hour batteries reviewed in these videos by Ray at Love Your RV.

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SOK also has a new 200 amp hour battery for about the same cost as the Battleborn 100 amp hour batteries. According to reviews, SOK designs are not quite as good as Battleborn and Lion, but it's pretty darn close. Certainly far and away better than their direct competitors in their price bracket.

200 amp hour battery.JPG

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