Current Generator Highlights

We'll try to keep this up to date so you'll know where our generator options stand at any given time.

Champion Dual Fuel 3500:


This is basically THE RV generator. It's big enough to power an AC unit while still accommodating other power draws, isn't too heavy for this size generator, has good quality wheels and a very helpful handle, and works great on either propane or gasoline. Seasoned RVers who have had them for years are still using them and are very happy with them.


Anything heavier is really not portable/practical for RVers, so if you need to power your RV's entire 50 amp electrical system, there is a parallel kit to combine two of these.

Champion Dual Fuel 2000:


If the 3500 is too heavy for you, these are a great option. You can pair two of these to make 4000 watts.

On-board generators:


It's hard to beat an on-board generator, and not for the reasons you probably think. The number one benefit of an on-board generator is the huge number of hours they can run straight without having to refuel. A large Class A can share its enormous fuel tank with its generator. And a lot of the newer, large 5th wheel toy haulers have two 30 gallon gas tanks, for a total of 60 gallons. The Champion 3500 can run for approximately 7.5 hours on 1.5 gallons of gas. At that rate, 60 gallons of gas would last 300 hours, or 12 days!

But this comes more into play for choosing the type of RV you're going to buy. Assuming you're looking for an external generator, the Champions are where you get the best quality, reliability, flexibility/options/ability to adapt to unpredictable circumstances, and efficiency for your dollar.