Fresh Water Pump

The Frugal Choice:          Milescraft 1314 Drill Pump

  If you carry a drill with you anyway, a lot of RVers are completely content using this clever little pump.

 Your First Upgrade:       Bayite 12V Fresh Water Pump

 Some people wire this into a power point (cigar lighter) pigtail adapter and plug it into either their vehicle or one of the DC outlets in their RV.  Others wire it into a trailer lights pigtail adapter and plug it straight into their trailer lights plug on their tow vehicle.  

 The Savvy Sweet Setup:     Wayne PC4 Water Pump

 It plugs straight into either your generator or any outlet on your RV.  Tidy looking case. Made in the USA.  The Wayne brand has a stellar reputation.  The main caveat with this one is that you have to pour a little water in the top of it before starting it (priming the pump).