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Free RV Hookups Nationwide!!

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We can assume we're already on thin ice with every one of these locations and their overseers are already considering either closing them down or instituting a new policy of charging for them from Day One.  But I don't think we should aim to maintain this number of free hookups locations all across the country.  I think we should aim to make it so worth their while that word gets out and the number of locations across the country doubles by this time next year.


Let's try to look at it from their point of view.  Why are they offering this service for free?  Most likely they want to invigorate their community in some way.  Either economically or in reputation.  They might want to save some faltering small businesses.  Or feed new businesses.  Maybe some that offer products or services online.  Maybe they want to grow their population, or their school district.  Or maybe they want to boost a sagging real estate market.


There are some highly effective things we can do to help.  Keep your imagination open, but here are some things you can consider doing at these locations.


  •  Be friendly and considerate.  It goes a long way.

  • Pick up trash for an hour.  It's almost always the biggest nuisance at campsites.  Relieving their burden a bit will help a lot.

  • Patronize the local businesses.  I'm not saying spend money just for the sake of throwing money around.  But if there is something you'll be needing in the near future and a business in town provides it, go into a business or two and let them know you're spending your money there because you appreciate the RV site provided nearby.

  • Ask if there are any locally based online businesses that you can patronize after you're gone.

  • Leave online reviews supporting the place.  While you're there, try to notice some good things about the place and the people who populate it.  Build them up online.  Help raise their status somehow.

  • If you're a plumber and one of the water lines is broken, ask if you can try to fix it for them.  If you're an electrician and one of the electrical posts isn't working, ask them if you can take a look at it.  If you're a carpenter, a painter, etc. - at least express an interest in extending some goodwill as a thank you for the free service.

  • If they start charging per night after a certain number of nights, and if it fits your schedule, maybe stay an extra night, paid, so they at least get something tangible out of you.

  • Some of these locations require advance reservations. Others are first come first served. Please click on the name of the location to get more details about staying there. 

  • Always have a reliable Plan B.  These places sometimes fill up fast.

  • And lastly, each time you stay at one of these places, please come back to the web site to confirm or dispel the amenities provided so this can be the most reliable resource it can be.



At any one of these locations you can bet people have abused this wonderful privilege that has been given and irked the people who are making it possible for us.  So we aren't starting at zero.  We have some ground to make up before we even arrive at these camping spots.  We can't stop jerks from making it hard for people to keep providing this free service.  They're jerks.  They're out there.  They will come to town.  But we can counterbalance them.  We can make the positive effects of their generosity more prominent than the negative ones.  If we want this list to grow rather than shrink, we have to.

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They take you places where  "natural" is a way of life.

They brighten our outlook on the world around us by taking us into some of the most charming settings we’ve seen.


They’re a wonderful ally to family-owned, owner-operator businesses.


Blue Highways are better than toll roads any day!

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