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Folom Lake I-29 Rest Area 

(North Bound) 

Free Dump Station, Water & Wifi

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As you walk through the doors of The Dusty Trail Cafe & Steakhouse, there’s history covering the walls, and tales that deserve to be told and retold… tales of gunslingers and sodbusters and cowpunchers. 

An astonishing menu of craft beers, fine whiskeys, and craft cocktails

Homemade deserts including their signature Sweet Potato Peach Pie.


The Walt Disney Hometown Museum is ensuring that the world never forgets that Walt Disney was a simple farm boy from Marceline who grew up to become the keeper of childhood magic.

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They have charming banquet halls to cater to your next event! 

Their entrées range from mom-approved comfort food to exotic wild game

Dusty Trail celebrates the people who walked the endless trails to turn an untamed frontier into a nation