Emptying Waste Tanks

 It only holds ten gallons but after you try to pick up ten gallons of water (mostly), you probably won't want it much bigger anyway (unless you have the handy product listed below).  It can be a challenge because most black and gray tanks hold more than ten gallons.  Some people just dump often, before they accumulate more than ten gallons in their waste tanks.  Others...we can't attest to it personally, but we know people who claim to successfully close the gates on their waste tanks when they know their tote is getting full on a regular basis.  This seems more doable with the gray tank than the black tank, but if you're determined you can always make things work.

The Frugal Choice:      Teekland 10 Gallon Tote

Your First Upgrade:     Tote-N-Stor 32 Gallon Tote

Tote-N-Stor is much better quality than a lot of the other brands in this price range.  The 32 gallon capacity can accommodate the 30 gallon black and gray tanks that are common on a lot of RVS.  It's designed well and is a great option, especially if you're just pulling it across the campground to an on-site dump station.

The Savvy, Sweet Setup:    Barker 42 Gallon Tote

 This is the big one that accommodates most rigs.  It has 4 wheels, so you can pull it by hand or attach it to the back of your truck and pull it across the campground to the dump station.  Or if you're boondocking, you can fill it and haul it to a dump station in your tow vehicle/towed vehicle without having to break camp and take your RV to town (while heeding the warning below).  But there is almost zero chance you are going to lift a full 42 gallon tote into the back of a truck - certainly not on a regular basis. So you'll need something else to go with this tote.