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The ADSO RV Site!!

No one else is taking the lead on this, and it’s past time. So we’re going to provide a framework for RVers to find a new kind of accommodation to match the capabilities of today’s RVs. For now, we’re using the term “ADSO Site” to classify this new type of RV accommodation.

ADSO is an acronym for Atmosphere, Dump station, and Security Only.

There should be a pleasant Atmosphere.
There should be at least one Dump station.
There should be some level of Security where RVers can park their RV in a designated space, unhook their tow vehicle or towed vehicle, and be reasonably assured that their RV is protected while they are out exploring the area.

Today’s RVs can provide their own electricity. They can store their own fresh water. And they can hold their waste to be dumped at a convenient time - either directly into a dump station, into a waste tote, or through a macerator pump into a wide range of receptacles. RVers don’t need a $60/night full hookups space in an RV park or campground just so they can see the sights in an area for a few days. But most of us drop that cash a lot of times primarily because it’s the only secure, appropriate place we can come up with to park our RVs. That needs to change.

The Requirements To Be Listed on Fresh Tanks As An ADSO Site:

  • There are no individual RV hookups.

  • There is at least one Dump station.

  • There is some level of Security. Either security cameras that are recorded to an off-site infrastructure in real time, a gate, regular patrols by a law enforcement officer, ranger or security service, or a camp host.

  • Inverter type generators rated at or below the decibel ratings of the most popular Onans, Hondas, Yamahas, Predators and Champions are allowed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • At least half of the RV spaces have sun exposure at roof level for at least half of the daylight hours on any given day.

  • There are designated RV spaces to accommodate a minimum 45 foot RV, plus comfortable parking for at least one passenger vehicle.

Please tip us off about locations already in existence that match these criteria and we’ll get started building the map on our web site. And please suggest the development of these kinds of locations to anyone you know at a chamber of commerce, tourism board or visitors bureau. If they know the demand is there, they will build them.

This one is still in the works.

Check back often as we fill the map with

ADSO Sites locations

Please us know if you find any ADSO sites that meet these standards

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