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             The things of this life that we find out on the road are really something special. There is life out here. Life is better out here. And we hope to make the best parts of “out here” more accessible for you.

Often, the most charming and magical things we discover while RVing happen after we've left where we were and before we reach where we're going. The idea of Liminal Space is everywhere in RVing. It is the most creative space. It is the space where anything is possible. The space where learning and growing and becoming more capable go into hyper-speed. It is 'the space in between.'

       We want to bring straight to you, in an easily-utilized way, not just 'out here' which is wonderful, but the best and most magical aspects of 'out here.' 'Nature' is out here, and the best parts of it are easy to miss at 70 miles per hour – if there is no easy-to-use mechanism for making them stand out for us. The best resources for 'natural living' are out here. They have to be, because everything is accessible to us. While RVing, we are no longer restricted to our localities. Tons of localities suddenly become uniquely accessible to us, and we should start taking more advantage of it.

       If I'm looking at a map, and I see two possible routes for my next trip, I want to get a bird's eye view at the possibilities along each route. On a standard maps app, each route looks boring and lifeless. On a 'Between Out Here' map, there are family homesteads with fresh eggs for our breakfast. There are free RV hookups in quaint little town parks near fascinating local museums. There are family-owned little dairies with raw milk from this morning's milking. There are farmers markets with fresh, ripe veggies for us to snack on while driving. There are farm-to-table restaurants bustling with the pure nutrients our bodies are craving. And if that isn't close enough to the land for you, there are U-pick orchards and vineyards where you can eat fruit and berries right off the vine.

       There is life out here – between where you leave and where you arrive. Life is good out here. There are so many wonderful things along your route that you would partake of if you knew how easy that is to do. If no one shows you an easy way to consider where the best of 'out here' is, you might drive right past it and never know it was waiting there to sustain you on your travels. We have. We've driven right past thousands of them. We've done it too much. We built 'Between Out Here' as a resource to make the best of the road a bigger part of our RVing. And we want to share it with you!

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